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Central Medical Group is focused on providing excellence in healthcare for life. In order to provide high standards of care we charge moderate fees to consult with our GPs and nurses, based on the Australian Medical Association recommendations.

We are a busy practice with a limited number of appointments available. To encourage the early cancellation of non-attendances, we charge a $50 non-attendance fee to those who do not attend their appointments and have failed to cancel with at least 4 hours notice.

For details on any of our fees please speak with our friendly customer service team.

Our Fees

  • Doctor Fees

    Standard Consultation

      Fee Out of Pocket
    Standard Consultation
    $81.75 $43.00
    Health Care Holder
    $76.75 $38.00
    $71.75 $33.00

    Long Consultation

      Fee Out of Pocket
    Long Consultation
    $118.95 $43.90
    Health Care Holder
    $113.95 $38.90
    $108.95 $33.90

    Script Only Telephone Consultation

    Terms and conditions apply

      Fee Out of Pocket
    $35.00 -
  • Nurse Practitioner Fees
    Consultation Time Cost OPP*
    Up to 5 minutes
    $28.30 $20.00
    5-19 minutes
    $48.30 $30.00
    20-39 minutes
    $66.85 $32.50
    More than 40 minutes
    $85.60 $35.00

    *Out of Pocket

  • Midwife Care Fees
    Weeks Pregnant With Who Time Cost Out of Pocket
    6 to 10 weeks
    Midwife 45min FREE FREE
    14 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    18 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    22 Weeks
    Doctor 15min $78.00 $38.00
    26 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    28 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    30 Weeks
    Midwife 90min FREE FREE
    32 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    34 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    36 Weeks
    Doctor 15min $78.00 $38.00
    37 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    38 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    39 Weeks
    Midwife 15min $47.50 $20.00
    40 Weeks
    Doctor 15min $78.00 $38.00
    41 Weeks
    Doctor 15min $78.00 $38.00
  • Nurse Care Fees
    Service Time Required Nursing Fee Dressing Fee
    15min $10
    Immunisations (travel & complex)
    30min $25
    15min $10
    BP Check
    15min $10
    Wound Care (Simple)
    15min $10 $5 - $15
    30min $20
    All First Assessment of Wounds
    30min $25 $5 - $15
    Wound Care (Complex)
    30min $25 $5 - $15
    Women's Health Check
    30min $30
    Implanon Insertion & Removal
    30min $25
    45min $50
    Iron Infusions
    45min $50
    45min $50
    Emergency Care
    Per 15min $10
  • After Hours Fees

    The usual call out fee for an urgent consultation is $177.00 for a standard consultation, which after the Medicare rebate leaves a $43.00 out of pocket cost. An up-front payment is required at the time of the consultation and unfortunately the Medicare rebate cannot be immediately processed.

  • Podiatry Fees
    Service Time Required Cost OPP*
    Initial Visit
    30min $80.00 $26.20
    Follow Up
    30min $75.00 $21.20
    Extended Visit
    $50min $120.00 $66.20

    *Out of Pocket

  • Dietitian Fees
    Service Time Required Cost Medicare Rebate
    Initial Consultation
    1 Hour $130.00 $52.95
    Review Consulation
    30min $80.00 $52.95

    Other Booking Information

    If you have not seen Anita in 12 months or more, please book at initial consultation

    Rebates may be available from your private health fund- check if your cover includes dietetics services and the level of rebate provided, these differ widely depending on the fund.     

    If you have a chronic disease, you maybe eligible for a chronic disease management plan from your GP. This allows a small rebates of $52.00 from Medicare for up to 5 allied health visits (including dietetics) for year as specified by your GP in your plan.  If you are eligible, a chronic disease management plan needs to be written up by your GP in advance of our session. Please ask your GP for a copy of your plan and bring it to your session with Anita. 

    Please note you are not able to claim Medicare and private fund rebates on the same session, it is one or the other.

    NDIS – I am not registered with the NDIS and do not do home visits. However, those on self-managed or plan managed NDIS funding, can see any provider they choose, so long as in this case dietetics services are included on their NDIS plan.  The billing for NDIS patients is the same as specified above for private patients. Plan managed NDIS patients should be sent a bill to their plan manager.

    Occasionally complex patients (rarely), may benefit to book in longer 1 hour review sessions. This will be discussed in the initial consultation. If it is required these will be changed at $130.00 

    Cancellation Policy

    As Anita is very busy and has long consultation times, it is important that you attend your consultation. If you have booked but not able to attend, please cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. If you do not cancel at least 48 hours prior you will be charged the full fee – please note rebates (Private health or Medicare) do not apply to these fees.

  • Repeat Scripts

    Order Repeat Scripts

    Our fee is $25.00, payable by credit card in advance. There is NO Medicare rebate.

    Request Your Repeat Scripts
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