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Respiratory Testing Wodonga


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The new Wodonga Respiratory Clinic is being operated on behalf of the Commonwealth Government by Central Medical Group. This is a FREE service.

Central Medical Group Respiratory Clinic will assess patients with fever and respiratory symptoms who meet the government criteria for COVID-19 testing.

The clinic operates weekdays at 228 Beechworth Road, Wodonga.


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The clinic will only assess patients by appointment only. There are two ways to register for an appointment:


Online is the preferred option, as it allows patients to complete important details before they arrive at the clinic.

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Or call 0260 672 437 and then register below.

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Need Help?

Download our brochure for instructions on how to make a respiratory test appointment.


Upon Arrival

On arrival for your appointment, you will be triaged by a nurse.

Mildly Unwell
Those with mild symptoms and who meet the testing criteria will be swabbed for COVID-19.

Moderatley Unwell
Those who are moderately unwell will also be reviewed by a practitioner, who will provide necessary treatment. 

Seriously Unwell
Seriously unwell patients, particularly those with significant and increasing shortness of breath, should go directly to Albury Wodonga Health Emergency, or call an ambulance to avoid any delay in treatment.

Further Information

Patients with existing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, or heart or lung disease, are advised to have a phone consultation with their usual GP, who will know their management best.

Your GP will then refer the patient to the clinic for testing and clinical examination, if appropriate. Patients who have been referred by their usual GP will be able to return to that GP for ongoing treatment.

We are pleased to be able to respond to the Commonwealth’s request for assistance, through their standalone Wodonga practice location, which has room for patients to park and wait in their cars before their appointment.

We are working with Albury Wodonga Health and their drive through clinic whilst trying to ensure they can concentrate on the sickest people, and we can do what GPs do best; providing a service to the community.